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March 19, 2018

Ideation results from the YouthSpeak Forum 2018

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The YouthSpeak Forum is an initiative held annually around the world, organized by AIESEC and supported by the United Nations to bring young people together in dialogue and action regarding the Sustainable Development Goals.

Be-novative became a partner for a second year—we brought our innovation platform to the UN Headquarters in Vienna and opened up ideation challenges on four of the goals where delegates and participants crowdsourced for ideas, evaluated them, identified top solutions, then drafted project plans based on collected ideas.

In just one day—two hours to be exact—a total of 224 ideas were collected, 31 project plans created, and one winning action plan voted by all participants to be supported by UNIDO for actual implementation.

Here are the ideation results



37 total ideas | Open the challenge results to see more

Top evaluated ideas by impact and feasibility:

  • A project converting wasted food to energy (methane used for electricity) by using specific bacteria
  • An app where you can see who is cooking near your location, and eat together. Share the cost and only allow the use of sustainable food
  • Deliver workshops to young people about tips and techniques on how to reduce food waste


45 total ideas Open the challenge results to see more

Top evaluated ideas by impact and feasibility:

  • Create a set of workshops on the topic in cooperation with NGOs working with women and LGBTQ+ communities. Should be presented at schools, universities and various events
  • Changing narrative by creating campaign similar to #metoo, but for men to speak up on how to be supportive
  • It's a bottom-up process. We should work with children in kindergartens.


55 total ideas Open the challenge results to see more

Top evaluated ideas by impact and feasibility:

  • By de-subsidizing non-renewable energy and subsidizing clean energy (which does not produce negative externalities) in order to make it more affordable for consumers worldwide
  • Fair and stable federal tax policy for renewable energy that will attract new investments and maintain strong growth
  • Refunding money to businesses that invest in affordable and clean energy—make credits more accessible to them


87 total ideas Open the challenge results to see more

Top evaluated ideas by impact and feasibility:

  • Mentoring program with a professional and students interested in the field of work
  • Create funded workshops where young entrepreneurs are given access to development tools for cleaner technologies
  • Peer to peer teaching... Like a torrent website but for education purposes. Everyone can contribute to a cause—connecting entrepreneurs with each other


The winning project plan chosen for actual implementation

The team of four that received the most votes came from #5 Gender Inequality:

“A multi-genre festival in Vienna featuring literature, film and other works promoting gender equality”

Applause and a great two thumbs up!


Igniting a movement such as the YouthSpeak Forum, and by engaging an entire community of young and senior leaders from diverse backgrounds, amplifies the strength in idea-sharing, collaboration, and the impact these ideas can bring for social causes.

We congratulate the young individuals who took part in the innovation process and encourage the exchange of thoughts and ideas to continue as a practice that can one day become a part of society's culture as a whole. We stand with you all! #IChooseAction

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