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April 11, 2018

Engage your team with design thinking

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We held our 2nd webinar out of the 3-part series with Integral last week and talked about how to engage team members for innovation, and how to integrate design thinking into the process.

Design thinking?

That’s right.

Although the method has been mostly used by designers, engineers or researchers with business purposes in getting to know their customers and market, it is can be used throughout an organization including all its members.

Ready for this statement? Truly innovative companies don’t just design for customer experience. They also design their own journey towards creating maximum impact inside any department.


“This journey starts with empathy,” explained Priszcilla Várnagy, CEO of Be-novative, in her webinar talk.

For the first step, ask yourself the question: How well do you know your employees? This is the knowledge that will set your organization on the path to success.


How one company did it

One of Cisco’s business development leaders needed new ideas with the creation of a new three year long marketing plan. The innovation challenge she initiated opened up a new way of thinking.

The challenge was open for three weeks and had almost 300 participants. Together they created exactly 1,205 early stage ideas, 19 idea concepts and implemented 12 of them. (Download our free ebook for real company use cases).


Use design thinking to find the best and fastest solutions to a problem—multiply that potential by utilizing an entire team. This reflects diverse viewpoints and empowers members to validate their prototypes early-on.

Don’t limit yourself by solely looking for the one and only winning idea, but instead, open up to new possibilities and with a new way of thinking. This is the collective genius mindset.


Here’s the full recorded session for you, and be sure to check out the Q&A exchanges at the end!



Did you like the webinar? Want to join the conversation live?

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